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Tap into trends with hydrocolloids

Formulating consumer-winning foods and beverages is a delicate science. Not only do products have to taste outstanding and leave a lasting impression on your target consumers, they must also appeal to other, less tangible senses in order to compete on the shelves.

Hydrocolloids are among the most versatile and utilised ingredients available to today’s food and beverage industry. They can improve texture, add functionality and are used in smaller dosages, enabling cost-saving opportunities.

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Ingredion's range of hydrocolloids

From improving the texture of a gluten-free muffin to stabilising a non-protein dairy drink; hydrocolloids can provide the tools you need to formulate or reformulate to satisfy key trends and achieve the textures, consistency and visual appeal consumers crave and expect. 

TIC® Gum Arabic

Gum acacia, also known as gum arabic, is the dried exudate gathered from acacia trees that grow in the Sahelian region of Africa. Used widely in beverages and confectionery, its features include:

- Emulsifies and stabilizes flavors and beverages

- Encapsulates flavors

- Forms films and coatings in panned confections

- Enhances mouthfeel in beverages

- Strong adhesive and binding properties

Product range includes - TIC Pretested® Gum Arabic Spray Dry Powder, Prehydrated Gum Arabic FT, TIC Pretested Gum Arabic SF Powder


Ticaxan® Xanthan

Ticaxan® Xanthan is a multi-purpose thickener and stabliser range made through fermentation. These high-performance xanthan gums suit a wide range of applications from sauces, salad dressings, bakery, beverages to dry mixes.

- Stabilises and emulsifies salad dressings and sauces

- Improves cling of dressings and sauces

- Suspends particulates

- Controls moisture in refrigerated dough

- Pseudoplastic rheology

- Tolerant to extremes of heat and pH (2.0- 10.0)

- cold water soluble

Product range includes - Ticaxan Xanthan 200 EC, Ticaxan Fastir Xanthan EC


TICA Algin Alginate

TICA Algin Alginate is a gel-forming gum extracted from brown seaweed of the species Lessonia nigrescens and L. flavicans. It forms irreversible gels with calcium ions.

- Provides gelling for desserts and dairy products

- Prevents bakery icings from sticking to packaging

- Improves cooking yield and texture in meat systems

- Controls syneresis in cheese

- Enables thermal stability in bakery fillings 

- Forms films for adhesives and coatings

- Suspends particulates

Product range includes - TICA-Algin PGA LV Powder


TIC Guar Gum 

TIC® Guar Gum is an all-purpose thickener derived from the endosperm of the plant Cyamopsis tetragonoloba that grows in India and Pakistan. 

As Guar gum comes from a seed, it is widely accepted as a label-friendly ingredient.  Guar gum can be used alone or in combination with other gums to change the texture or stabilize a range of foods and beverages.

It is often used to prevent ice crystal formation in soft serve ice cream, thicken and add mouthfeel in sauces and dressings or prevent runny instant oatmeal.

- Thickens beverages, sauces, and gravies

- Binds water and controls ice crystal formation in ice cream

- Provides mouthfeel to dairy products

- Controls water and extends shelf life of baked goods

Product range includes - TIC Guar Gum 8/22 Powder, Prehydrated Guar Gum 8/24 Powder 



Dairyblend YGAG & Dairyblend YGAG Natural 

A customised stabilising system recommended for both dairy and dairy-free yogurt applications. It is designed to provide a smooth mouthfeel, eliminate or minimize syneresis and reduce added non fat dry milk (NFDM) while maintaining quality in yogurt application. Suited to gelatin free applications.

- Tolerance to high shear and heat

- Enhances creamy mouthfeel and smooth texture

- Prevents syneresis 




The unique Ticaloid systems leverage on a combination of gums to deliver the ideal synergies suitable for your dairy, beverage and confectionary applications. It acts mainly as a stabiliser and delivers clean flavour release and creaminess for your product.

- Protein stabilisation 

- Suitable for pasturisation and UHT process

- Controls viscosity development and emulsion stability 

- Imparts unique texture for confectionary

Product range includes -  Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL NGMO

TIC Organic Product Line 

Our TICorganic line of certified organic gums and gum systems creates a tangle of possibilities to help you formulate organic products. From organic guar, organic gum arabic, organic locust bean gum, organic starch to organic stabilising system, we are able to support you in your organic food formulation. 



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